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Marble Falls Area EMS is holding classes for CPR and first aid on July 27 at its Central Station, 609 Industrial Blvd. 

The CPR class runs from 5:30-8 p.m. First aid training is from 8-9:15 p.m. Students can also get a certification in CPR in addition to information/training.

The classes are part of an ongoing effort by Marble Falls Area EMS to educate residents and increase the odds of survival for patients in critical condition.

“Our main goal is that as many people as possible learn to identify those who are in cardiac arrest so that they can call 911 immediately,” Lt. Vaughn Hamilton said. “Then, if they can provide just basic CPR — mainly pushing deep and fast on the person’s chest until EMS and the fire department arrive — the patient has a chance.”

Data demonstrates CPR’s necessity, Vaughn said.

“Right now, the odds of someone surviving cardiac arrest is about 7 percent, but that’s mainly because cardiac-arrest patients don’t receive CPR prior to our arrival,” he said. “If there is CPR prior to our arrival, then the patient’s odds of survival can be as high as 30 percent or more.”

Residents attending the class will have the option between receiving a basic life support CPR certification card from the American Health Association or a certification card from Marble Falls Area EMS. 

Cards issued by the American Health Association are for healthcare providers, while EMS cards are for the general public.

The classes also cover the use of automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, which use electric shocks to restart hearts that have stopped beating.

CPR certifications are $50; first aid training is $15. No payment is required for CPR classes for information and training only.

“If someone needs official certification, then there’s a cost,” Vaughn said. “If someone wants the information so they can help try to save a life and don’t require official certification, then there’s no charge.”

For more information, email To register, visit the Marble Falls Area EMS webpage.