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Volunteers needed for multiple Highland Lakes Crisis Network projects

Highland Lakes Crisis Network's Dario Hernandez

Dario Hernandez, construction project manager for the Highland Lakes Crisis Network, demonstrates a barn door's easy access to the bathroom for wheelchairs and walkers. Courtesy photo

So many programs are coming together so successfully that the Highland Lakes Crisis Network needs you! 

“We have been praying and planning for many of these for several months/years,” reads an email sent out by the organization listing the many volunteer opportunities. “It is a blessing to get these things going, but it also means we will need a lot of help coming soon.” 

Opportunities include cooking or providing a fun experience for foster children who have not been placed with a family. Just recently, Burnet County Precinct 4 Constable Missy Bindseil gave four teen girls staying at the facility a ride on her horses. She also bought them tickets to the county rodeo the same weekend. 

The number of kids staying at the facility changes regularly. Some stay only 48 hours and some up to six months, said Crisis Network Director Kevin Naumann.

“Just come and teach them how to paint their fingernails,” he suggested. “Or, cook them a meal. Provide an experience through music, art, life skills, crafts. Anything you would be doing with your family, with your kids. They need all of those things, too.”

Volunteers can also cook meals. A calendar has been set up to schedule meals and keep track of the number of children that need to be fed at any given time.

“They don’t get a lot of home-cooked meals,” Naumann said. “They’ve been bounced around a lot and living off fast food most of the time. A plate of fried chicken or pork chops would be great. Whatever your home meal is, make some extra and bring it for them.”

Casseroles are also needed for families who come to the Crisis Network’s Freezer Outreach during emergencies. You can sign up to cook a pan-size casserole once a month or just once. 

The most crucial need on the list is household handy work and labor.

“We have quite a few projects we are trying to get off the ground that need people who are handy and just want to get out and work,” he said. “We need people who can help with general labor. It could be an office crew that wants to come out and have a team-building experience and work with us for a day.”

Two immediate projects that require volunteers in the next week include tearing down a broken garage door and framing the structure for an elderly man who faces a city code violation if the work is not done soon. Another is for a mother of two in Llano who is in the last stages of cancer. The family needs help setting up a room for hospice. 

“It’s random but meaningful work,” Naumann said of the current projects. “And it makes a big difference to these families.” 

Other projects include helping with the network’s transitional housing units in Marble Falls, which have been donated by the Texas Housing Foundation. A total of 24 units ultimately will be remodeled. Ten renovations are currently underway. The first units are expected to be ready within the next month. HDZ Construction is doing the remodeling, but volunteers are also needed. Churches have adopted units and are helping with furniture and housewares. 

Those who can help with trucks, trailers, or heavy lifting are needed to move furniture and appliances that have been donated for that and other projects. Also, volunteers are being sought for the 7th Mountain Shop, which provides clothing and household goods for those in need. Volunteers can also help organize the warehouse.

“Select as many options as you are interested in,” Naumann said. “Sign up to volunteer, tell us your skills or what kind of work you’d like to do, and we can help you find the right fit. We are mobilizing God’s kingdom to get out there and serve. We have a lot of opportunities and are looking for people with a heart to help.” 

To volunteer, call 325-423-3662 or fill out the form at this link to get started.