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Vandalism plagues Marble Falls parks

Marble Falls park vandalism

Parks across Marble Falls have been vandalized recently, including serious damage to the restroom structure at Westside Park, 1610 Second St. Courtesy photos

The Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department is asking people to stay alert and report any concerning behavior spotted at city park facilities after several instances of vandalism damaged city property. 

“If you see something of concern while out enjoying our parks or have any information regarding the damages that have occurred, please contact Marble Falls Police Department at (830) 693-3611,” the parks department wrote in a Jan. 17 Facebook post.

The vandalism has occurred over the past several weeks. 

While small amounts of graffiti have popped up at multiple city parks, Westside Park, located at 1610 Second St., has taken the brunt of it, said Parks and Recreation Director Lacey Dingman. Besides the graffiti, restroom windows were damaged and a water fountain and electrical panel face were pulled off of the wall. 

The department is currently working toward repairing the damage.

“We are still compiling estimates and working with local vendors on costs and timeline for repairs,” Dingman said in a statement to 

Vandalism and destruction of property both privately and publicly owned is illegal and punishable by law with penalties spanning from fines to jail time depending on the amount of damage.

5 thoughts on “Vandalism plagues Marble Falls parks

  1. Disgusting that someone or more would do such a thing! I hope they are caught and Punished to the Maximum!

  2. Does the city have adequate lighting in these areas at night? And it may be worthwhile to install motion cameras. These can be obtained and installed more cheaply than standard CCTV cameras that are hardwired in. Just a thought.

    Nonetheless, I also encourage parents, kids, and the local community at large to keep watch and keep each other accountable. This kind of stuff costs all of us money to repair. We should take pride in our city, and the public facilities are a part of it.

  3. In addition to possible jail time & fines, the kids (most likely 8th or 9th graders based on the writing) need to do some scrubbing and community service WHEN caught. Perhaps a reward for the conviction of the delinquents or surveillance cameras in the highly problematic areas might be in order. With that being said, teens sometimes do just stupid things. Hopefully, they will be caught and learn some important lessons without ruining their lives. We love our community and appreciate our beautiful parks & city. I’m just saddened that this has happened, & it needs to be “nipped in the bud” quickly.

  4. Desecrating our parks.Really? I remember when I first moved here the news only covered who got arrested for being drunk and who’s cows got out. Our town has become more beautiful in some ways but progress brought to many people and they do not respect our town. This is so sad. I take my kids and my dog here as do many others. Now I wonder is it safe?

    1. Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Don’t overreact to some kids being dumb.

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