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Mystery women in museum photo ID’d

Historic Marble Falls photo at The Falls on the Colorado Museum

Overa Williamson Thurman (left), Ruby Thurman Crider, and Lura Davis Frasier posed for a photograph in Marble Falls sometime in the first half of the 20th century. No one knows for sure when, but Jean Eades of Marble Falls knew who the women were because she is related to two of them and has her own copy of the photo. Courtesy photo

Marble Falls native Jean Eades didn’t need to go far to verify her identification of the three women in a mystery photo recently publicized by The Falls on the Colorado Museum and  

“I talked to the grandkids,” Eades said, when asked how she knew for sure who was who. She also recognized them because she is related to at least two of them. 

Pictured from left are Overa Williamson Thurman, Ruby Thurman Crider, and Lura Davis Frasier. The grandchildren verified the information, but no one knew the occasion for the photo, the make of the car, or when the photo was taken.

Where in Marble Falls it was taken was obvious. It was shot on the south side of the Colorado River with Granite Mountain and the Mathis plant in the background — most likely on RR 1431 when it was still a dirt road. 

“When we were kids, we lived next door to Overa and Amos (her husband),” Eades said. “We lived right across the street from the Granite School.” 

The old Granite School now houses The Falls on the Colorado Museum at 2001 Broadway. 

Eades now lives on her family farm on Double Horn Creek about 10 miles east of Marble Falls. She is part of the Frasier and Denniston families, who were first settlers in the area. 

The only person she wasn’t sure of was Ruby Thurman Crider. Even the grandkids weren’t sure where Ruby fit in the family tree. 

Eades plans to work with The Falls on the Colorado in helping put names to faces in other historic photos they have. Anyone who would like to help identify people and places in the photos is asked to come by during open hours or to call the museum at 830-798-2157 to set up a time to peruse. 

Falls on the Colorado Museum is located at 2001 Broadway in Marble Falls. Hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. Call 830-798-2157 for more information.

1 thought on “Mystery women in museum photo ID’d

  1. Since moving from Highland Haven to Temple I receive your most welcome copy of the telegram and would like to let you know how I look forward to it all the time
    How I miss the hill country and Highland Haven and Marble Falls
    Thanks sooo much Elizabeth

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