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With help of donors, Granite Shoals buys new turf for Quarry Park baseball field

Quarry Park baseball field

The Quarry Park baseball field in Granite Shoals is closer to completion. The city purchased new turf for the outfield. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

After first purchasing used football turf, complete with hash marks, for the Quarry Park baseball field, Granite Shoals officials decided to buy new turf with the help of donors.

Assistant City Manager Peggy Smith told the City Council during its regular meeting May 11 that she contacted donors with the aim of raising about $53,000.

“I believe I’ve covered the cost of the (new) turf with helpers,” she said.

The city purchased 37,000 square feet of used turf at $22,000, but it had football field hash marks on it. 

“We were able to negotiate a price for some new turf,” City Manager Jeff Looney said. “We’re getting that turf at $1.20 a square foot.”

To lock in that price, the city had to purchase surplus turf. Looney the surplus can be used for other purposes or sold. The city plans to sell the used football turf.

Smith said the baseball field has other needs, including fencing and dugouts, before it’s ready. The field’s outfield backs up to Manzano Trail. Fencing would prevent balls from rolling onto the trail and natural area.

“We don’t want kids running out there chasing balls,” Smith said. 

A 15-foot, gravel warning track between the edge of the turf and the fencing will alert players that they’re approaching the fence when chasing flyballs.

Smith also wants to put covers over the dugouts so foul balls don’t “hit somebody in the head.”

Looney said the city doesn’t have a projected date for when the new turf will arrive.

“The sooner the better,” he said. “It’s been ordered and coming our way.”

“We are at the mercy of the turf delivery business, and we got on their schedule,” Smith added.

The baseball field is part of the multipurpose facility at Quarry Park.