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Granite Shoals moves into Phase 2 of multipurpose sports complex

Granite Shoals multipurpose sports complex

The covered area of the multipurpose sports complex at Quarry Park in Granite Shoals will house soccer, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, pickleball, and batting cages. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Now that the structure is secure and the concrete poured, Granite Shoals is moving to Phase 2 of construction of a multipurpose sports complex.

That includes adding lighting and installing flooring in the covered area of the complex, located at Quarry Park near City Hall, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road. 

Preliminary plans for the covered area include: 

  • one shuffleboard court
  • one pickleball court
  • two children’s soccer fields
  • two volleyball courts
  • two basketball courts
  • three batting cages
Granite Shoals multipurpose sports complex
Preliminary plans for the multipurpose sports complex at Quarry Park in Granite Shoals. Courtesy of Peal & Associates Inc.

City Manager Jeff Looney said the entire covered area could be ready for use by August. He emphasized it is a multipurpose facility, envisioning larger events such as volleyball tournaments as well as classes like Zumba.

“You’ll be able to move the volleyball stuff,” said Looney, referring to nets and posts, giving the city flexibility on the configuration of the courts. “We’re contemplating how we’ll do the basketball goals, using posts in concrete or on straps so we can open them up for other uses. That way, ladies can have their exercise classes on the courts.” 

He had key appointments June 18 to examine lights: the number needed, options, and costs. He did know if they would be LED lights.

“The whole purpose is to have as near perfect conditions for the lighting so people can play in the evenings and winter time,” he said. 

The city will install artificial turf on the covered soccer fields and game flooring on the other courts. 

Phase 1 wrapped up June 8 after crews poured the concrete base for the covered portion of the complex. 

Phase 3 includes a playground and a baseball field behind the covered area. 

Looney noted the baseball field won’t be ready in August. He also said he wants a large enough outfield to also be used for soccer. 

“From home plate to the centerfield wall would be 310 feet long,” he said. “That’s a big field.” 

The sports complex took a big step toward realization in 2017 after the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department awarded the city a $500,000 grant. 

Looney said he and staff members are enjoying the planning process of the facility.

“It’s fun,” he said with a grin. “It’s exciting to be able to do for this people, create something they can truly enjoy.”  

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  1. Roddick center started it, they should have a couple
    TENNIS courts right? That seems illogical. Odd

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