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Burnet County’s record-breaking turnout solidly Republican

Burnet County remains solid Republican

Burnet County Republican Party chair Kara Chasteen and Burnet County Judge James Oakley discuss some of the returns from across the country. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Burnet County’s record-breaking turnout was decidedly created by an upswing in Republican voters. Always a solid red county, Burnet voters continued supporting the Republican ticket. Turnout was 75.9 percent, or 24,850 voters. 

In the major races, Republican candidates took about 70 percent or more of the vote. 

For president, Republican Donald Trump received 81 percent of the Burnet County vote to Biden’s 18 percent. At the time of publication, Trump was leading in Texas, with its 38 electoral votes. Nationally, the race was not expected to be called until the early hours of Wednesday morning, if not later in the week.

In Burnet County, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn also received 81 percent of the vote to Democrat M.J. Hegar’s 17 percent. Cornyn was declared the winner statewide early in the evening. 

In the race for U.S. District 25 between Republican incumbent Rep. Roger Williams and Democratic challenger Julie Oliver, Burnet County gave 81 percent of its votes to Williams: 915 to 196. With 88 percent of the vote counted in the district, Williams had 55 percent of the vote to Oliver’s 43. 

State Sen. Dawn Buckingham retained her seat in the Texas Legislature. In Burnet County, she received 85 percent to challenger Clayton Tucker’s 14 percent. 

State Rep. Terry Wilson of District 20 was also reelected. Burnet County again did its part to return him to his seat, giving him 85 percent of the vote. 

“I feel good about what we’ve accomplished,” said Kara Chasteen, the Burnet County GOP chair. “We worked hard — good, honest, hard work.”

County party officials will now turn their attention to the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature, she said. The 87th legislative session convenes Jan. 12, 2021.

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