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The results of a handful of local Highland Lakes elections came in at about 10 p.m. election night.

Winners in the Bertram City Council race are Kim Allen Klose and Stephanie Fitzsimmons. They were the top two vote-getters in a race of four people for two positions. 

(CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly said the race was for three positions and listed Allen Rodgers as the third winner. Klose and Fitzsimmons are the only two winners. apologizes for the error.)

Karen Oustad and Dianne Wolfington won their election to the Kingsland Municipal Utility District board of directors in places 1 and 2, respectively. 

“I had worked for KMUD in the past, and I look forward to getting back and involved in it,” said KMUD Director Dianne Wolfington. “We’d like to get more people involved in the local government here. We’re very rural, and we don’t have a newspaper per se or newspaper or radio coverage. Sometimes, these smaller governmental entities get lost, and I’d like more people to be aware of KMUD and the job they do.” 

A few propositions were also on some voters’ ballots. Prop 1 in Highland Haven passed with 52.76 percent of the vote. Prop A in Burnet County Emergency Services District No. 2 also passed, as did Burnet County ESD No. 5’s Prop A.

All three propositions adopted sales taxes for their jurisdictions. The Highland Haven proposition was adopted specifically to reap taxes from internet sales.

“We had found that we were already paying the tax, but the revenue was being allocated elsewhere,” Highland Haven Mayor Olan Kelley said. “We don’t anticipate it to be much. We had a lot of conversations with the community, and we felt very comfortable with it.”

2 thoughts on “City and other local election results

  1. Dianne Wolfington will do an outstanding job. I grew up with her in Bryan she is a hard worker and good person.

  2. You left out Llano County and any city results in the county.

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