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Scientists say that we are on the brink of a human-caused mass extinction crisis in which we could lose three quarters of the world’s species. Species simply cannot evolve quickly enough to survive significant human threats.

Species loss can change entire ecosystems. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) protects biodiversity and the healthy ecosystems we need for clean air and water.

The ESA is effective. Without the ESA, hundreds of the most beloved wildlife species in America might well be extinct. These species include American bald eagles, North Atlantic right whales, grizzly bears and gray wolves.

The ESA’s habitat protections for threatened and endangered wildlife have spared beautiful wild places across the country from commercial mining, logging, oil and gas operations, and other destructive development.

Crystal Mitchell


3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Endangered Species Act needs protection

  1. This letter to the editor and previous comment are hilarious. To start a point by saying, “Scientists say” is an indicator that the words to follow are conjecture based on emotion rather than empirical evidence. Then to state that the ESA protects anything without providing facts or describing the process by which it works is just an opinion. All species that have been brought back from endangered status owe their lives to individuals and concerned scientists that actually do something about it. The Endangered Species Act is just a tool used to establish rules for large development related industries and to prosecute the wrongdoers after the fact; it does nothing to actually protect anything or anyone. While criticizing “this administration” they fail to mention the effects on wildlife and nature from development. I wonder if t Logan and the author of the letter live in a subdivision, or have paved roads, or lawns, or use pesticides, drive cars, use styrofoam products, live in a manufactured homes full of chemical binders, or a site built home full of trees cut down in another state and hauled hundreds or thousands of miles by a diesel engine, eat vegetables farmed by large companies using pesticides, eat beef from large feed lots, watch a TV made from plastics and petroleum products and again shipped by diesel engine, etc. As with most issues we as Americans/humans face these days, the solutions lie with individuals willing to make a change in their own lives and communities. If you are waiting on the government to solve problems, then you will be waiting forever.

  2. It should be additionally said, that the consistent failure of this administration to consider the effects of man’s “wants” on the other living beings that have equal right to be here and live unharmed. Humans have no superior right to be here, and certainly no right to exploit or harm in pursuit of ideology or profiting. Man is at cause, yet animals pay the price. The border wall as planned will decimate wildlife that is essential to the health of the environment balance for all of us.

    1. It amazes me at the nutjobs on the loose in Burnet County. Apparently T. Logan does not understand MAN cannot change what God put here. If you want to live in a cave go ahead but the people like me who aren’t ignorant will not live in a cave.
      Logan man was created by God, and we can’t mess up his design

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