Cut fiber line blamed for Marble Falls internet and phone outages


MARBLE FALLS — Reports of internet and phone outages plagued the Marble Falls area Nov. 13-14, prompting some entities to use backup systems to keep customers connected to their services.

Services were primarily restored by mid-morning Tuesday.

Frontier Communications customers reported disconnections, which included busy signals and/or “unavailable” messages.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative also reported “timed out” notices on their website due to a “fiber cut near Marble Falls,” officials said. The fiber line belonged to AT&T, and the cut impacted several thousand customers.

Callers were unable to reach the main offices of the city of Marble Falls police and fire services during the temporary disconnection.

Police dispatch used a backup service to reconnect with residents.

Emergency 9-1-1 services were unaffected.

2 Responses to “Cut fiber line blamed for Marble Falls internet and phone outages”

  1. Elizabeth Schnelle says:

    So what caused the cut fiber line???

  2. Kyle says:

    Yes they should start giving out the company names that cut these fiber lines. Why not in the article state how many times this has happened in the past year? This has got to be at least the third time.


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