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MARBLE FALLS — Though the weather may not have signaled it, it’s time for tennis. That’s why the Marble Falls High School tennis team has been playing at least as much as the weather permits, according to head coach Tim Bourke.

“I see them getting better and making progress,” he said.

Top of the list is senior Laura Vasquez.

“She has improved by leaps and bounds,” the coach said. “She’s gone from No. 14 to No. 3 or 4.”

He also is pleased with sophomore Shane Amos.

“He’s improved,” Bourke said.

“We’ve been working on his movement, which has improved dramatically. He’s moving up on the ladder.”

Freshmen Mattie Cryer and Kelsey McCasland have been playing well, too, the coach said, adding the duo may face opponents who pose little challenge, while others could make them work hard for each point.

“At times, they’re on a wing and a prayer,” Bourke said. “Getting them used to the pace of the varsity kids and varsity tournaments and mixing them in with JV. We’re giving them a taste of both.”

The same can be said of sophomore Callie Wagstaff, Bourke said.

“I see tremendous improvement with Callie Wagstaff,” he said. “She was 15th or 16th on our ladder. I would say she moved up four spots. She’s working hard and improving.”

The duo of senior Devon Dockery and junior Kyleigh Ann Futrell continues to be a force, Bourke said. Had rainy weather not set in, he believes they would have finished third at the Varsity Dawg Classic in Copperas Cove.

“We just pulled them off the courts,” the coach said. “I prefer not to take a chance.”

Coaches have had a chance to evaluate progress during the last several weeks.

“With some people, I’m happy,” Bourke said. “We’ve been having to work around kids’ schedules, which is nothing unus


Some have been playing other sports or participating in other extra-curricular activities such as choir and stock shows.

“Our kids are involved in everything,” the coach said. “I’m trying to work around their schedules where they don’t miss anything.”

Topping the list are pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement classes, the coach said.

“I don’t want them to miss too much,” he added.

Mason Puncher Shootout Varsity Tournament – Feb. 11-12:

  • Boys “A” Singles – Jessiah Heaton – 7th Place
  • Girls “A” Singles – Afton Heinatz – 3rd Place
  • Girls “A” Doubles – 2nd place
  • Girls “B” Doubles – Mattie Cryer/Kelley Dowell – 6th Place
  • “A” Mixed Doubles – Tanner Parten/Kayci Pittard – 6th Place

JV Billie Invitational in Fredericksburg – Feb. 18:

  • Girls “A” Singles – Mattie Cryer – 3rd Place
  • Girls “B” Singles – Callie Wagstaff – 6th Place
  • Boys “B” Doubles – Joey Fox/Jared Henly – 5th Place
  • Girls “A” Doubles – 6th Place
  • Boys “B” Singles – 5th Place

Varsity Dawg Classic in Copperas Cove – Feb. 19:

  • Boys “A” Singles – Jessiah Heaton – 5th Place
  • Boys “B” Singles – Egson Bislimi – 6th Place
  • Girls “A” Singles – Laura Vasquez – 6th Place
  • Girls “B” Singles – Keagan Washington – 5th Place
  • Girls “A” Doubles – Kyleigh Ann Futrell/Devon Dockery – 4th Place
  • Girls “B” Doubles – Mary Eaton/Sheana Mata – 5th Place

Weather forced us to remove some players from the courts resulting in our not placing as well in girls “A” singles and Girls “A” doubles. The mist was making the courts too slippery.