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BIZ: Petco coming to Marble Falls

Site of Petco, 3108 U.S. 281 in Marble Falls

Construction workers began clearing the site for a new Petco at 3108 U.S. 281 earlier this fall. No timeline has been announced for when the national pet supplies chain store will open. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

A nearly 12,000-square-foot Petco is coming to Marble Falls, city officials confirmed. The pet supplies chain store will be located north of Walmart at 3108 U.S. 281.

Currently in the platting and site development phase, no construction or opening dates have been announced.

Petco Animal Supplies Inc. operates more than 1,500 locations across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

2 thoughts on “BIZ: Petco coming to Marble Falls

  1. I’d like to know whose “bright idea” it was to approve this behemoth coming into town. We have two very nice pet stores. I am appalled that Petco is coming in, pet, after pet, after pet has died in Petco grooming facilities. Just Google “Petco grooming deaths”. There are many, and now this killer of pets is coming to Marble Falls. Why? And who was responsible for approving it?

  2. Why does Marble Falls need a third pet store? Petco is expensive.

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