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Social media guru presents workshop for writers

Danielle Stoltz

Danielle Stoltz and her company, Danielle Stoltz Creative Media, are based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in branding and marketing strategy for authors and businesses. She is teaching a workshop hosted by hsbWriters from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 12, at Blue Lake Golf Club in Horseshoe Bay. Courtesy photo

Social media strategist Danielle Stoltz is teaching the tools of the trade during a workshop Saturday, Nov. 12, from 9 a.m. to noon at Blue Lake Golf Club, 214 W. Bluebonnet Road in Horseshoe Bay. 

Hosted by hsbWriters, the workshop is open to the public. Tickets are $55 and can be purchased online.

The nonprofit hsbWriters group offers community, support, opportunity, and inspiration to writers, editors, and illustrators in Horseshoe Bay and the surrounding area. 

“This workshop is the culmination of three months of focus by hsbWriters on the new reality that authors are now responsible for their own marketing, even when going the traditional publishing route,” said Paloma Guerrero, president and creator of hsbWriters and author of “Building Lacy Oaks: A Love Story.”  “If you are an author who wants to learn how to sell more books or who doesn’t enjoy managing your own social media, then Danielle’s workshop will teach you how to be tactical about it. Danielle’s presentation will be relatable, achievable, and fun.”

In building a social media presence, Stoltz said her goal is to inspire her followers and potential customers to stop scrolling, pause, and think when they come across her material.     

“I have such a passion for helping authors tell their story to a digital audience,” she said. “No matter which posts I’m sandwiched between on the screen, I want to be positivity and light, not just to have people say, ‘Oh, that‘s cute, or entertaining’, but that my message is empowering as well.”   

A writer herself, Stoltz recently launched her website at along with a logo and other branding tools.

Stoltz graduated from Oral Roberts University with a mass communications degree and a focus in print journalism. She changed her approach as she gained experience, she said. Beginning as a publisher’s assistant, then serving as editor and managing editor at newspapers, she found herself searching for more variety in her work. 

When Stoltz earned a master’s degree in new media journalism from Full Sail University, social media was developing to include adults and businesses. She realized it was the right moment to embrace the evolution of her storytelling.

As a freelance live reporter for a Tulsa WNBA team and later as a TV reporter appearing online, on social media, and on air in Tulsa, Stoltz seized on different ways to tell a story, including through video, text, photos, posts, and interviews. 

“What gets the attention of those on social media channels changes as quickly as the weather in Texas,” said hsbWriters board member Lisa Laird, a virtual assistant specializing in small business social media content creation and marketing. She recommended Stoltz for the workshop. “Danielle has her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing landscape of social media and has the expertise to help today’s writers develop strategies for growing their platform to reach their potential fans, which equals more book sales.”

For more information on Stoltz’s workshop or to purchase tickets, visit or contact