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A Burnet County man received 22 years in prison for sexual assault of a child on Sept. 21. A local jury gave 22-year-old Matthew Wright 11 years for each of the three counts. Judge Allen Garrett ruled that two of the three sentences would be served consecutively, effectively making it a 22-year sentence. 

Wright will not be eligible for parole until half of his sentence has been served.

Evidence presented in court established that Wright, a friend of the victim’s family, sexually assaulted the child for several months in 2019. The victim told her family about the assault in the spring of 2020, and they immediately went to law enforcement. 

“This young lady had the courage to come forward and share her story and to stick with the process while waiting for her day in court,” said Assistant District Attorney Tiffany Clark, a prosecutor on the case. “This case could not have gone forward without her bravery.”

While Wright was charged in early 2020, the case did not go to trial until September of this year. According to Clark, it is common for cases to take 12-15 months to go to court, but the COVID-19 pandemic added to the delay.

“It puts a lot of pressure on these kids to have to just wait,” Clark explained. “Life is still happening for them, and when they share, it opens that book back up.”

Clark said the victim’s bravery and her family’s quick action were crucial to the case’s outcome.

1 thought on “Burnet County man gets 22 years for sexual assault of child

  1. Why didn’t he get more. Look at recent case of the man got out of prison for rape and assault of a grown woman he got 22 years and was paroled after 20. He already raped 2 women and the third he murdered her. This guy that assaulted a child should of gotten more but if he was not let out the woman that was murdered would still be alive. He should get life the only kind of rape would be sagatery rape when someone is under 21 and has consensual sex. Most of the time the man is young like 2 or 3 yrs older. I hope he gets reformed but I doubt it. I will pray that he does. #rapist should get life

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