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Traffic enforcement in Burnet will increase over a two-week period beginning Tuesday, June 7, as the city joins the statewide Operation Slow Down encouraged by the Texas Department of Transportation. 

“Operation Slow Down will enable our officers to impact traffic safety, reduce speeds, and change driving habits to create safer roads for all drivers,” reads a media release from the Burnet Police Department. 

“Speed is the number one factor in roadway crashes in our state, causing one out of every three traffic deaths,” said TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams. “When you speed, you increase the risk of death and serious injury in a collision. By observing the speed limit and driving to specific weather and road conditions, Texans can make our roads safer for everyone.”

The number of people killed in Texas vehicle crashes in 2021 reached a level not seen since 1981, according to a TxDOT report. In 2021, speed was the main reason for over 163,000 traffic crashes in the state, resulting in more than 6,000 serious injuries and 1,500 fatalities.

TxDOT is partnering with law enforcement agencies across the state to enforce speed limits during Operation Slowdown from June 7-21.

“We increase a large change in commuter traffic through the Hill Country as summer arrives, which also increases the incidence of speeding and crashes,” according to the Burnet Police Department. 

Specific officers will be working in designated zones to increase enforcement. The extra time on the roads will be funded by a TxDOT grant. 

“Burnet Police is proud to partner with TXDOT to reduce fatality crashes and improve road safety through this partnership,” reads the release. “November 7, 2000 was the last deathless day on Texas roadways, we need to do our part to end the streak.”

Driving a safe speed often means more than following the posted speed limit. TxDOT has these safety tips for motorists:

  • Match your speed to road conditions if there’s bad weather or you’re driving through a work zone.
  • Slow down and allow for more distance to stop when traffic is heavy.
  • Watch for signs alerting you of reduced speed limits ahead.

This month, Texas drivers can expect to see the campaign’s speed messages on TV, radio, billboards, gas pumps, and social media. Community events featuring an interactive exhibit of safety quizzes and video displays will be held at Buc-ee’s locations along major travel corridors. TxDOT’s HERO trucks that assist motorists in need and clear minor crashes on state highways also will be enlisted to prompt speeding drivers to slow down.

1 thought on “Burnet traffic enforcement to increase June 7-21 as part of Operation Slow Down

  1. Funded they TxDOT?!!! I guess TxDOT has a money tree? Don’t be fooled. It’s funded with your tax dollars and will generate additional income thru fines. Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

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