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Avenue G in Marble Falls yields to stop signs

Avenue G stop signs in Marble Falls

Bright new stop signs have replaced the yield signs on Avenue G at Fourth and Fifth streets in the Historic District east of U.S. 281 in Marble Falls. Staff photo by Alecia Ormsby

Stop signs have replaced yield signs on Avenue G at Fourth and Fifth streets in Marble Falls after residents in the area east of U.S. 281 reported continual near-misses on that stretch of road. The action was requested by the Marble Falls Traffic Control Committee.

“We spent some time observing the intersections and noticed increased traffic volume at the locations,” reads a statement from the city of Marble Falls.

A yield sign only requires that a driver slow down when approaching an intersection and give cross traffic the right away, not come to a complete stop, which can create a dangerous situation if people aren’t paying attention.

1 thought on “Avenue G in Marble Falls yields to stop signs

  1. Great. Now make people quit running the ones at G and 7th. Had too many near misses there both on foot, and while driving.

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