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Marble Falls ISD asked to adjust Lago Vista boundary to avoid subdivision split

Marble Falls-Lago Vista district boundary

The current boundary line between the Marble Falls (red) and Lago Vista (green) school districts runs through undeveloped land in Lakeside at Tessera on Lake Travis, which is located just off of RR 1431. If left unadjusted, a portion of students living within the development would attend schools within the Marble Falls district, while the majority would attend schools in Lago Vista ISD. Screenshot from MFISD website

Marble Falls Independent School District trustees discussed a proposal to adjust a minor portion of its eastern boundary line with Lago Vista during a Dec. 3 special meeting. If approved, the proposed boundary adjustment would avoid splitting a portion of a new housing development in Lago Vista between the two school districts.

Currently, the boundary line between the Marble Falls and Lago Vista school districts runs through land owned by Lakeside at Tessera on Lake Travis, a master-planned community located east of Marble Falls just off RR 1431. If left unadjusted, several streets within the development would fall within Marble Falls ISD jurisdiction, Superintendent Chris Allen explained.

“Lago Vista and the developer are requesting we move that line so that all the kids in that subdivision can attend (the same) schools,” Allen said.

During the meeting, district administrators determined it would take roughly 30 minutes to drive from the development to Marble Falls Middle School, whereas it would take only six minutes to get to Lago Vista Middle School.

To compensate MFISD for the adjustment, the developer proposed paying the district $500,000, with half of the funds to be delivered to the district by fiscal year 2022. The remaining amount would be paid incrementally, with payments of $75,000 a year beginning in 2024. Under the proposed pay structure, no payment would be made in 2023 but would pick up the next year.

MFISD trustees Kevin Virdell and Gary Boshears suggested adjustments to the proposed pay structure during the meeting.

“I’d restructure that payout as $275,000 in year one and then $75,000 for the next three consecutive years to get to the $500,000,” Virdell said. “I don’t like skipping a whole fiscal year.”

Boshears agreed.

Trustee Mandy McCary asked how much the district would lose in tax revenue if the board approved the adjustment.

“If they wanted it and we said no and they took it to the (state education) commissioner, it’s likely that they would prevail,” Allen answered.

District legal counsel is in the process of reviewing documents and agreement details, Allen explained. If agreements are met, the board could revisit the proposal during its Dec. 13 meeting. However, Allen recommended the board take its time in making a final decision.

“The people bringing this would really like us to get this done before the end of the fiscal year if possible,” Allen said. “I don’t feel a ton of pressure on that. If we can reasonably do that and the board wants to, we can, but if it doesn’t get done before January or sometime next year, or if it doesn’t get done at all, that’s fine, too.”

4 thoughts on “Marble Falls ISD asked to adjust Lago Vista boundary to avoid subdivision split

  1. Do not do this, the split is no big deal. Lago Vista did not have school until 1976 and Marble Falls has run buses to that location for more than 40 years.

    Dripping Springs & Lake Travis have this situation and no problems.

    Do not do this.

    1. Why would you want you kids to ride a bus for 30 mins instead of 6 mins? It makes sense for everyone to let them go to Lago Vista.

  2. This is a no brainer if you are focused on the kids instead of money. It’s unconscionable that you even have to think about it for more than one minute. Family Values? yea right!

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