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Aspen Park in Cottonwood Shores cleared for new playground equipment

Aspen Park in Cottonwood Shores cleared for new playground equipment

Cottonwood Shores city employees and volunteers removed the old playground equipment at Aspen Park on July 17 to clear the area for new equipment, which will be installed in the next few months. Courtesy photo

The Cottonwood Shores Parks Committee, city employees, and volunteers devoted much of their day July 17 to removing old playground equipment at Aspen Park and leveling off the ground to make way for new equipment.

The two city employees ensured only one workday was needed instead of two, said Parks Committee chairwoman Andrea Stephens.

City Administrator J.C. Hughes praised the nine people helping that day. 

“They removed the old equipment to make a beautiful area and put in a new playground,” he said. “The old equipment is being demolished.”

The parks department received a $22,235 grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority and the Pedernales Electric Cooperative to purchase new playground equipment for ages 5-12 years old, including slides. 

Those who spent their day removing the old equipment contributed to the matching part of the grant, which is labor, Stephens said. Among the volunteers was her 11-year-old daughter, Mya. 

“She loves it. She’s excited to be a part of the steps,” Stephens said. “She wanted to be there to help us, to help make a difference, and make a better park. She’s right there with me on anything we do. It’s for her and her friends, and it’s something big for this city.”

The city also plans to build sidewalks for better accessibility as well as tables and chairs, expand the parking area, and add fencing.  

Aspen Park has exercise equipment and a basketball court. The new additions will entice more families to visit, Stephens said. 

A projected timeline for the new equipment’s arrival is a couple of months, Hughes said.

“We’re looking to have something by the end of September,” he said. “We want to have it installed sometime over the winter.”

Stephens hopes residents continue to be patient while waiting for equipment and plans to take shape.

“Our next step is to stake out the area,” she said.