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Marble Falls duplexes could house homeless

Southwest Village Apartments in Marble Falls

Duplexes at the Southwest Village Apartment complex in Marble Falls could become housing for the homeless. The project is part of an initiative by the Highland Lakes Crisis Center and First Baptist Church of Marble Falls. Staff photo by Brigid Cooley

The Southwest Village Apartments could soon serve as transitional housing for those experiencing homelessness in Marble Falls. A public hearing for current apartment residents is 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 27, at the Texas Housing Foundation main office, 1110 Broadway, to gather tenant feedback.

“Homelessness is becoming a real issue here in Marble Falls,” said housing foundation CEO Mark Mayfield. “That apartment complex is one we can donate to this cause.” 

The apartments, located at the corner of Avenue R and Fourth Street, are affordable housing units owned by the foundation. To convert them into transitional housing, the foundation must change its Land Use Restrictive Agreement through the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. If approved, the set of 24 duplex apartments will become temporary housing for at-risk community members. 

The project is a collaboration between the Highland Lakes Crisis Network, the Texas Housing Foundation, and First Baptist Church of Marble Falls to address community homelessness. The Crisis Network previously considered building this type of facility on land owned by the Marble Falls Independent School District

“When you say homeless, people get a negative perception, so there was some pushback to that being on school district property,” Executive Director Kevin Naumann told in a June interview. “As a result, our conversation has grown and gotten bigger than it would have been originally.” 

Once the project is further along, current Southwest Village tenants will be relocated to other Texas Housing Foundation units, Mayfield said. 

“They would be relocated, but it’s going to be very beneficial for them,” he said. “We own several apartments here in Marble Falls. If we relocate a family to one of our other developments, they’ll get concessions for that. We would pay the relocation fees, and the tenant will not be out anything for the move.” 

The July 27 hearing will serve as both an informative discussion and an opportunity to receive feedback from residents of the complex. Responses will be submitted to the state Housing and Community Affairs department to consider during its September meeting.

The Southwest Village Apartments office is located at 1106 Brazos St.