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Oatmeal Festival’s Oatie needs a makeover

Oatie the Oatmeal Festival mascot

Oatie, the Oatmeal Festival mascot, needs a makeover. The old costume is too heavy and too hot and the 3 Minute Brand Oats logo outdated as the company no longer sponsors the event. Festival organizers also need a volunteer to be Oatie during the Oatmeal Festival’s second day on Saturday, Sept. 4. File photo

Oatmeal Festival mascot Oatie needs a new costume designed and created before this year’s event, which is Friday-Saturday, Sept. 3-4. The 44-year-old mascot is looking a little grim, said festival volunteer Stephanie Fitzsimmons, who is in charge of the nonprofit organization’s social media and silent auction. 

“Oatie’s costume is a little heavy and a little hot,” she said. “Each year, he gets a little sadder looking.” 

Donations are also needed for the silent auction, which was added in 2019 but not held in 2020 as the festival was canceled due to the pandemic. 

Festival organizers are also seeking someone to volunteer to be Oatie on the second day of the event, Saturday, Sept. 4. Oatie gives out awards after the fun run and other events and also poses for photos with visitors. 

The new costume needs to be cooler and easier to wear, including the hat. It no longer has to have the 3 Minute Brand Oats logo on the front, Fitzsimmons said, as the cereal company, which served as a major sponsor for 40 years, pulled out four years ago.

“We can pay for the materials,” she added. “We just need someone to make it and to make it lighter.” 

Oatie is a round box of oats with a bright blue cowboy hat and a winning smile. The basic design is a simple, round oatmeal container with holes for arms and no bottom so legs with booted feet have full range of motion. 

“He’s made out of foam, so when it’s 100 degrees outside, it gets a little hot and heavy to wear,” Fitzsimmons said. 

Anyone wanting to volunteer to make — or wear — the costume should email Fitzsimmons at To donate auction items, either email Fitzsimmons or drop them off at the Bertram Library Thrift Store, 140 N. Gabriel St.