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Profits from holiday skating rink make real ice ‘viable for the future’

Marble Falls holiday skating rink

The city of Marble Falls made a profit of just over $6,200 on the real-ice skating rink during the 2020 Christmas holidays. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

A real-ice skating rink could be back for Christmas 2021, Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Director Lacey Dingman told the board at its meeting March 1. 

In 2020, the city upgraded from a plastic rink set up the year before to an actual ice rink for a more authentic experience. After assessing the costs, real ice could be “viable for the future,” Dingman said. 

Set up at Lakeside Park, the skating rink was open from Nov. 20-Jan. 2 during Walkway of Lights. It brought in $95,595 in revenue, while expenses totaled $89,387, which included rink and skates rental, construction, staff and operation costs, and other fees. That came out to just over a $6,200 profit after expenses.

Private parties on the rink brought in $2,250. However, these were during the early afternoon hours before the rink was opened to the public in the evening, and the Texas heat melted some of the ice, Dingman said.

“We know that the need for private parties is still there, so we may move (them) to a weeknight. That way, we can utilize the nighttime hours,” she told the board. “(During the early hours), people don’t really want to stay on (the rink.) It’s safe, but if they fell, they thought it was pretty wet. It kind of took away from the experience.”

1 thought on “Profits from holiday skating rink make real ice ‘viable for the future’

  1. Thanks, it would be wonderful if someone would open up a roller skating rink! Any plans for one?

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