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Proposed RV park near Marble Falls raises concerns over water

CR 403 residents have concerns over RV park

Residents on County Road 403 erected signs opposing a proposed RV park in their neighborhood because they say it will strain the area’s well water supply. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

A proposed RV park on County Road 403, southeast of Marble Falls, has neighbors concerned about well water usage, property values, and increased traffic. However, as they live in an unincorporated area in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, residents have little recourse to prevent the development.

“Our number one concern is the pressure that it’s going to be putting on our existing well water,” said Jeannie Cook, who has lived in the area for nearly 15 years. “Several neighbors have already had issues with their water supplies. Our property is one parcel over from the trailer park, and our water already gets cloudy and fizzy during drought times.” 

The area has multi-acre, ranch-style properties. The County Line Luxury RV Park would sit on 35 acres and contain sites for 125 recreational vehicles. Planned amenities include a laundromat, a general store, a dog park, fire pits, and Wi-Fi access.

According to the park’s website, the “amenity-packed RV park” will open in the spring of 2021.

“If there’s 125 RVs pulling water out of the ground, it may not leave much for us,” Cook said.

Park owners Tinlee and Sterling Via declined to comment on neighbors’ concerns when contacted by Tinlee Via is a Realtor for Topper Real Estate in Blanco. 

Cook reached out to county officials for help. She said they promised to keep a close eye on the development but have no power to stop it.

“The state of Texas, the legislators have never seen fit to provide the counties with any authority or zoning,” said Burnet County Precinct 4 Commissioner Joe Don Dockery. The property is in his precinct. “We are unable to dictate land use or make sure there is land-use compatibility between neighbors.”

In addition to well water concerns, some neighbors have indicated they are worried about septic tanks as the proposed park is near a creek that flows into Lake Marble Falls.

“Basically, (CR) 403 is a neighborhood of people that enjoy living out in the country in the peace and quiet and such,” said Mark Parker, whose property is across from the development. “I personally moved out here to the country from Austin for this kind of neighborhood, and for someone to build a 125-unit trailer park in the middle of it, obviously, everybody is upset about it.”

Another point of concern is that of property values. Paul Janacek, who is next door to the proposed park, said even though he won’t be able to see the property thanks to the tree line, it will still affect his property value.

“I don’t know what we can do about, if there’s anything we can do about it, but I’ve been here 20 years and I’m about to have this place paid for, and it frustrates me to think that I have, hopefully, a good nest egg here and I don’t know what it’s going to do to the value of my property,” Janacek said. “Is it going to go up? Is it going to go down? Either way, I don’t want an RV park next door.”

4 thoughts on “Proposed RV park near Marble Falls raises concerns over water

  1. Seams strange that current resindents had no effect on water wells, property values or traffic, but anyone moving in the neighborhood causes everything to go to pot. If you want to control the property next to you, then buy it.

  2. Mr. Mark Parker, the County Line Luxury RV Park is not a trailer park. I think you missed the word “Luxury”. Furthermore, RVs use way less water than a regular household.

    1. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig! The park is completely inappropriate to be put in a family neighborhood. Sex offenders living on the edge of the law not reporting their address can live there unbeknownst to anyone. Children wait for the school bus just feet from the park.

  3. Sad deal but as they say, “You can’t stop Progress”.

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