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H-E-B limits paper product purchases, but not due to panic buying

H-E-B limiting sales of paper products

A look at the bath tissue aisle at the Marble Falls H-E-B, 1503 RR 1431 West, at 10 a.m. Nov. 5. Along with all Central Texas H-E-Bs, the Marble Falls store is limiting sales of toilet paper to two packages per customer per trip. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Central Texas H-E-B stores are limiting the number of packages of toilet paper that customers can buy on one trip — again. But don’t worry, said Marble Falls Store Manager Rudy Gill. 

“We are ordering it every day,” he said. “We are ordering more than we’re receiving every day.” 

The company has “a strong supply” of bath tissue and paper towels in its warehouses, H-E-B officials assured reporters this week. The limits were reinstated to “stabilize the supply chain.” Yes, demand has increased (not as much as earlier this year), but now H-E-B has a process in place to meet customer needs. Toilet paper became a much sought-after item in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in March and April as customers stocked up. 

This shortage is not caused by panic buying, H-E-B said, and, in fact, implementing customer limits helps control panic shopping.

“We fully stock overnight,” Gill told the “We put out everything we get in the morning until, hopefully, we get another load. ” 

He encouraged customers to return the next day if they didn’t find what they needed, including bath tissue.

H-E-B began enforcing the new limits on Nov. 1. Customers are limited to two bath tissue items per shopping trip. Paper towels are also limited to two items per customer in stores in Central Texas, the Gulf Coast, and San Antonio, and on the Texas-Mexico border.

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