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Burnet considers rezoning industrial acreage to residential

Potential rezoning area in Burnet

The city of Burnet is considering rezoning approximately 163 acres from industrial to residential with at least one developer eyeing the swath of land. Courtesy map

Burnet city leaders are looking at changing approximately 163 industrial-zoned acres to residential in preparation for possible development. 

The acreage in question is located on the southeast side of the city, just east of Westfall Street. The City Council held a public hearing during its Oct. 13 meeting on the proposal to rezone the land to single- and multi-family residential.

The city’s planning and zoning commission in the recommendation describes the industrial zoning as neither “viable or desirable at this location.” The proposed change is due to recent single-family residential developments adjacent to the 163 acres. 

A portion of the property is being eyed by Dillard Development and Consulting, the same developer that did the Pepper Mill project on the northeast side of Burnet.

“Their proposed project is a mixed development with both single family- and multi-family homes,” City Manager David Vaughn said. “(Developer Gary Dillard) already has the bulk of it under contract from the current owner.”

Since the property is currently zoned as industrial, Vaughn said the City Council would need to approve changing it to zoning for single- and multi-family housing. Councilors will consider voting on the change during a future meeting.

1 thought on “Burnet considers rezoning industrial acreage to residential

  1. I say no to rezoning. Who the heck wants to live in an overpriced, cheaply made cookie cutter home. Where is the city going to draw the line and say enough is enough. I currently reside on the other side of the rr tracks that divides city from the county. I was forced to leave my old home in Killeen because of developers being greedy and shady. I lost my property because they got the city to declare imminent domain on my property. What’s the city’s reasoning for rezoning this land. Is the golf course not enough revenue for them?

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