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Granite Shoals firefighter seriously injured in off-duty rescue

Granite Shoals firefighter injured in off-duty rescue

Granite Shoals firefighter Dustin Short was injured July 14 while rushing into a burning building to save a person inside. He was off duty at the time. A GoFundMe page was set up to help with his medical expenses and associated costs. Courtesy photo

An off-duty Granite Shoals Fire Rescue firefighter and EMT was seriously injured July 14 after rushing into a burning building on Granite Street in Kingsland to rescue a person inside.

Dustin Short got the person out of the manufactured home but received serious lung injuries due to elevated temperatures in the building. Since he was off duty, Short did not have any firefighting gear on hand but still risked his life to help.

Short had to be mechanically ventilated while his lungs were being treated. Both Short and the person he rescued were released from the hospital Wednesday, July 15.

The Granite Shoals firefighter will continue his recovery at home. 

In a statement from Granite Shoals Fire Rescue and the Short family, they thanked the community for their support and continued thoughts and prayers. 

A GoFundMe Page has been set up for donations.