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Burnet hires new police chief

Sean Mannix is the new Burnet police chief

Sean Mannix is the new Burnet police chief. He replaces Paul Nelson, who retired in March. Courtesy photo

City of Burnet officials picked former Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix to lead the police department. 

He begins his new job as Burnet police chief Monday, July 13, according to an email from City Manager David Vaughn. 

Mannix replaces Paul Nelson, who retired in March after 23 years with the department, 12 of those as chief.

Mannix retired from the Cedar Park Police Department in January. His career there as chief of police began in 2013 after he retired as an assistant chief with the Austin Police Department. In Cedar Park, he led 111 officers and support personnel. He began his career with the Alameda (California) Police Department in 1983. 

Mannix holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in homeland security. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

14 thoughts on “Burnet hires new police chief

  1. The city of Burnet is still in huge trouble if the people that actually chose Mannix to be the chief are still in office. Their ignorance and incompetence to even think to hire this outright scum of an individual shows you who they really are. I would vote them all out of office the first chance you get.

  2. Your comments and protests worked! Congratulations for taking a stand. He withdrew this morning. Who says you can’t fight city hall?

  3. For those interested, there will be a protest at the police station tomorrow morning at 9. Feel free to join us to express our disapproval in this hiring. Greg Kelley will be there also

  4. Every cent this man earns for the rest of his life should go to Greg Kelley.

  5. Did anyone do a background check?? Unbelievable!! Watch out citizens of Burnet!!

  6. He’s not the police chief Burnet needs, he’s the police chief Burnet deserves.

  7. Inexcusable. This man is not qualified to hold any office, much less be in law enforcement.

  8. Saddened that our local media chose to report a puff piece rather than the facts. I support GOOD and HONEST police officers, not just any person who wears a badge. The fact that the city of Burnet does not care about his history is disgraceful. And the fact that our media, the watchdog over local politics and city business, chose to not examine his history and instead publish this piece? Incredibly disappointing. Do better.

  9. Greg Kelley, the man who was wrongfully convicted of child sexual assault in 2014, is suing the city of Cedar Park, former Police Chief Sean Mannix and Christopher Dailey, the lead investigator in the case against him, for an “incompetent, bad faith and fundamentally flawed” investigation.

  10. Clearly, this decision was made before the documentary on the wrongful conviction of Greg Kelley was released. I would suggest everyone watch it. You will be shocked.

  11. Hiring a chief well-documented as getting wrongful arrests and pushing to convict rather than finding out the truth. He was just featured on a Showtime documentary “Outcry”, showing how he mercilessly went after innocent people just so he could look tough on crime.

    Don’t hire the guy. It isn’t worth the payouts and settlements the city will be forced to make.

  12. Welcome to our new chief of police.
    We back the blue! We appreciate your service.
    ~The May’s~

  13. Have you guys heard of Greg Kelley? The city really needs to re-think this hire.

    1. I agree with this statement. And I come from a thin blue line family. Disgraceful.

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