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FROM THE EDITOR: We are all in this together

The Picayune Magazine Editor Suzanne Freeman

The Picayune Magazine Editor Suzanne Freeman

What an inspiration this community is!

• Easter drive-in service, three different churches, three different denominations coming together to spread the word that the Lord is Risen!

• The Community Concert Series on the shores of Lake Marble Falls with five fabulous musicians singing their hearts out to a handful of boats on the water while hundreds of people at home watched via Facebook Live or listened to the radio livestream — all to raise money for people out of work due to COVID-19 restrictions to keep us all healthy.

• People, instead of sitting at home and lamenting a lack of work or customers or anything to do, making masks by the hundreds to help protect each other from a deadly virus.

• Students on every grade level tackling distance learning, some even huddling in their cars in school parking lots for internet access.

• Teachers reaching out to their students through web apps to keep them connected and inspired without a classroom or friends. All of them facing a new reality — the grade they are in now is over. They won’t be back to school until fall.

• Doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and first responders risking their own health to help others.

• The employees in area nursing homes working to keep our most vulnerable residents safe.

• Business owners adapting to curbside pickups and delivery. Musicians bringing their shows into our living rooms. Hairdressers giving consultations on Zoom.

• And what to say about H-E-B partners — cashiers, stockers, managers, curbside shoppers — adapting to keep us all in food and toilet paper while keeping us safe from disease. Wow! From what so easily could have turned into chaos and panic, you have met every challenge with professionalism and a caring attitude to keep this community supplied with food, cleaning supplies, and more.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your generosity, your kindness, your spirit. You are inspiring, amazing, uplifting. You are Highland Lakes, and you are awesome.

1 thought on “FROM THE EDITOR: We are all in this together

  1. Very well said and so very true. We are beyond blessed to live in the Texas Highland Lakes.

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