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Lake LBJ and Inks Lake refills begin Monday

Lake LBJ

The Lower Colorado River Authority will begin refilling Lake LBJ (pictured) and Inks Lake on Monday, February 24. The refill should be completed by Friday, February 28. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

The eight-week drawdown of Lake LBJ and Inks Lake is coming to an end. The Lower Colorado River Authority will begin refilling the lakes Monday, February 24. The job should be done by Friday, February 28.

In January, the LCRA lowered the lakes to allow lakeside property owners and businesses to repair damage and remove debris from the October 2018 flood.

Lake LBJ was lowered by 4 feet and Inks Lake by 8 feet.

The refills will occur at a rate of about 1-2 feet per day. Property owners and construction crews should have their equipment out of the lakebeds by Sunday evening, February 23.

The lakes will be refilled with a combination of water released from Lake Buchanan and water flowing into the Colorado River from tributaries downstream of Buchanan Dam. The refills will total about 28,000 acre-feet and could cause Lake Buchanan to fall a maximum of 1.3 feet.

The actual impact to Lake Buchanan could be reduced by rainfall or additional inflows to lakes Buchanan, Inks, or LBJ.

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