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Long name and big task for Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce and CVB

Marble Falls Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce and CVB

The Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau staff is always looking for ways to highlight and celebrate its members and the Marble Falls area. The crew includes Mindy Miller (left), Erika Sopel, Veronica De La Hoya, and Jarrod Metzgar. One misconception the general public has about the chamber is that it’s part of city government. The chamber relies on funding from memberships, events, and sponsorships. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

They admit their organization’s name is a mouthful. It can fill a business card by itself.

“It’s the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce and CVB,” said Special Events coordinator Mindy Miller.

“People forget the Lake LBJ,” Executive Director Jarrod Metzgar added.

CVB stands for Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The long name doesn’t necessarily describe what the chamber does, which is support and promote its members while highlighting the Marble Falls area and sponsoring events.

Metzgar has been with the chamber for about a year now and is one of the veterans on the staff. Along with him and Miller, membership coordinator Veronica De La Hoya and Digital and Social Media coordinator Erika Sopel round out the crew in the Second Street office.

While the chamber often works closely with the city of Marble Falls, the two are separate entities.

“We’re not a part of the city … We love working with the city, but we’re completely separate,” Metzgar said. “That’s one of the biggest misconceptions, that we’re associated with the city. The city doesn’t fund us, either.”

The chamber is funded in three ways.

“ … Our membership, sponsorships, and event revenue,” Miller said.

Members are businesses, organizations, and individuals. A six-person board of directors oversees and guides the chamber. An ambassador board offers additional input and support and helps wherever and whenever needed.

“This is really a team,” Metzgar said.

Miller added that the team also includes the members.

“It’s all about helping our members and highlighting the great things about this area,” she said.

They don’t see it as a job but more of a calling.

Membership coordinator De La Hoya is a lifelong Marble Falls resident and has worked in the schools and the city. She said her chamber position is a combination of those two jobs and focuses on helping others.

“I love this town,” De La Hoya added.

Social media guru Sopel, another longtime resident, could have taken her skills to larger markets, but she chose to stay in Marble Falls.

“I’m here because I see the potential of what it is and what it could be,” she said.

Every team member has a specialty, but they jump in to help on each other’s projects and events, which are many.

The marquee events for the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce and CVB are Walkway of Lights and LakeFest.

“When you say LakeFest, there are people who ask, ‘LakeFest?’” Metzgar said. “But if you say boat races, they know right away.”

After a two-year absence, LakeFest returns July 25-26, 2020, to Lakeside Park. The chamber staff and boards are working hard behind the scenes to get it back up and running.

The chamber also hosts MayFest, Slide Marble Falls, the Marble Falls Music Festival, and Market Days as well as business workshops and regular member mixers.

“The mixers are great for networking,” Metzgar said. “Maybe people used to come for the food or something, but now, when you look around, they’re talking, making connections, really networking.”

De La Hoya organizes many of the business workshops for members to learn new skills, brush up on old ones, or build on their knowledge base with the help of experts.

The chamber also holds regular Coffee with the Chamber events with local leaders as guest speakers. These are open to members and the general public.

The chamber strives to promote and highlight its members. Staff do so through social media efforts, a member directory, listing members on event programs, extending sponsorships to them, and simply referring people to them.

Though many turn to Google to find a service or business, others call chamber staff, who always send them in the right direction.

“Yeah, if you call, we still answer the phone,” Miller added.

Despite the effort and time that go into the job, staff look forward to each day and new ideas. If there’s one thing they could use, it’s a few more helping hands.

“Volunteers,” Metzgar said. “We could always use more volunteers.”

At that, De La Hoya, Sopel, and Miller nodded.

Call the chamber at 830-693-2815 for more information.