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Highland Lakes businesses are looking for employees, and Kip Ware at Workforce Solutions is determined to help fill those positions. Ware touches base with employers across the Highland Lakes on an almost daily basis.

He’s enthusiastic about the jobs climate, especially with an unemployment rate hovering at about 3 percent.

“Everyone’s hiring or looking for people,” Ware said. “If you want a job, they’re out there. The job you get may be a stepping stone to another one, but they’re definitely out there if you want one.”

A good resource for finding those jobs is the Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area website ( and Work in Texas ( 

“If you go to, it will let you see all the job openings in the entire state,” Ware said. “We spider Indeed, Monster Jobs, all the job boards, and get them on this site. And if you’re a veteran, you get forty-eight hours access to new job postings before we open them up to everyone else.”

Retail remains a strong part of the market, but so does manufacturing and trades. Ware pointed out that job seekers with commercial driver’s licenses have quite a few opportunities as do welders.

Ware shared some tips for what to do to help snag one of those jobs.


A number of resources are available for crafting a resume. Workforce Solutions can assist both online and in person with format and content. You don’t need an appointment for an office visit; just show up during regular business hours (see the end of the story).


“You definitely need computer skills, basic ones,” Ware said. “Just about any job you get today will have some computer use, even if it’s simple stuff. So if you don’t know basic computer things like just using a web browser, you need to learn.”

Check with Workforce Solutions and local libraries for computer skills workshops.


Few jobs are landed without a personal interview.  

“It’s going to be face to face,” Ware said.

If you have doubts about your interpersonal skills or interviewing prowess, Workforce Solutions can help. You can also find a friend to role-play an interview so you go into the real thing comfortable and self-confident.


Be sure to dress the part for your interview. While the potential job might not require business attire, you will want to make a good first impression. Appropriate clothing shows you are serious about the job.


If you don’t show up on time for an interview, any potential employer will think you won’t come to work on time either.

“Don’t shoot yourself in the foot,” Ware said. 

Be prompt.

If you’re looking for help with your job search, consider the tools available through Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area. Along with online tools, Workforce Solutions offers in-person assistance at local offices. The two Highland Lakes locations are 1001 W. Buchanan Drive in Burnet (512-756-6769) and 100 Legend Hills Blvd. in Llano (325-248-0275).

You don’t need an appointment for an office visit; just show up during regular business hours. The Burnet office is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. In Llano, the office is open 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s closed Thursday and Friday.