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Marble Falls will not annex Los Escondidos neighborhood

Los Escondidos in Marble Falls

The Los Escondidos subdivision along Lake Marble Falls has escaped annexation by the city of Marble Falls. The City Council took no action January 7 on a proposal to annex 38 of approximately 100 lots in the neighborhood. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Marble Falls City Council took no action January 7 on a proposal to annex the Los Escondidos subdivision into the city limits.

The potential annexation falls under Texas House Bill 347, recently signed into law, which prohibits forced annexation. This left the city of Marble Falls only able to consider 38 lots whose owners had signed development agreements to delay annexation five years prior. The subdivision has about 100 lots.

“Where the agreements are in place, we can basically still do it,” City Manager Mike Hodge said. “But there’s a little bit of a problem here in that we didn’t have agreements for all of the properties.”

The 38 lots are not in a contiguous geographic area, making providing necessary service difficult if not impossible. Before HB 347, city officials had planned to use an involuntary process to take more lots into the city, bypassing this issue.

The Texas Legislature passed HB 347 during the 2019 session, and Governor Greg Abbot signed it May 24. The law was effective immediately.