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Texas Elite Meat market opens on Main Street in Marble Falls

Texas Elite Meat in Marble Falls

Texas Elite Meat is now open at 204 Main St. in Marble Falls. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Texas Elite Meat, a market selling high-quality cuts of beef, opened its doors earlier this week at 204 Main St. in Marble Falls.

Owner Bert Naumann also has plans for a grill and freshly cooked meals alongside the locally sourced oils and seasonings from places such as Spicewood Food Company that he currently offers.

“We have the things you can’t get at the big-box stores,” Naumann said. “Everybody loves the farmers’ market these days and wants to know where their food came from. They’re a little more health-conscious and want to find high-quality ingredients.”

He said he also wants the store to be aspirational. He’ll show customers what he’s cooking for dinner and how they can make it at home with ingredients purchased in the store.

“You could do this,” Naumann said. “All you have to do is buy the meat. That way, when people go, like, ‘Well, I don’t know how to cook this expensive meat. I don’t want to ruin it.’ Here’s your seasoning, here’s your oil, here’s what it tastes like. They can experience all that and go home, replicate it, and be the star at home.”

Texas Elite Meat in Marble Falls
Texas Elite Meat sells high-quality cuts of beef. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

The inspiration for Texas Elite Meat came to Naumann when he was working in Midland and came across John Scharbauer at the Midland Meat Company. Scharbauer raises Wagyu, a Japanese beef cattle breed.

“I tried it, and I said, ‘This is the best beef I’ve ever had,’” he said. “‘Do you mind if I try to sell this?’”

Future plans include selling more than just beef.

“(We plan to) take requests, too,” he said. “If someone’s interested in stag or if they want rabbit or if they want lamb, we can venture out there and find that for them and provide that as a kind of custom order.”

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