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After a recent convention visit, Burnet officials were approached about the possibility the city could support another hotel.

To find out, the Burnet Economic Development Corp. voted Jan. 25 to contract for a feasibility study.

City Manager David Vaughn said during the EDC meeting that any event in the city quickly fills up the city’s 120 hotel rooms.

“We lose a great deal of people to Marble Falls, due to the number of hotels they have,” Vaughn said.

Compared to Burnet’s 120 rooms, Marble Falls has 473.

A 2017 study showed an overall occupancy rate of 61 percent for the rooms in Marble Falls during the year and 59 percent in Burnet.

Vaughn said during the EDC meeting that lost hotel stays also means the city loses out on restaurant and shopping business.

The hotel feasibility study will be conducted by HVS at a cost of cost of $7,500 for the first four phases of the study, which is expected to be done within 25 business days.

HVS’s proposal also stated the study will “include a recommendation of the size, quality and type of lodging facility, and an optimal brand chain scale for the hotel.”

The city owns land on Texas 29 East, but the study also will include other properties in Burnet for HVS to consider.

“I’d be really surprised if (the study) shows we can’t support at least one (hotel),” Vaughn said during the meeting.

1 thought on “Burnet EDC looks at whether city has room for another hotel

  1. I think it would be rare for such a consulting company to say…nah…no new hotel needed. Have seen these surveys before, and they all say “need more rooms.” It is obvious Burnet needs more rooms. One reason for the lower occupancy rate is the rate charged for the rooms. One can stay at Horseshoe Bay for the prices at least one hotel charges. I have tried to book a room in Burnet several times, and wound up staying in a nicer facility for much less money in Lampasas. Shame…

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