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Cold front bringing high winds, slight chance for light snow

A slight chance of snow is forecast for the Highland Lakes on Thursday night, although if any does fall, it will quickly melt. File photo


Cold, windy weather will blast into the Highland Lakes beginning Thursday afternoon. Any unsecured hats or inflatable Christmas decorations will be vulnerable to windy conditions through Friday night.

Despite no freezing temperatures in the forecast, some snow flurries could be seen in the area, albeit for a short time.

“The precipitation is forecast to start off as a light rain, but there is some potential the precipitation may become mixed with snow flurries when the precipitation begins to fall through a dry layer in the middle atmosphere. ,” wrote Lower Colorado River Authority meteorologist Bob Rose. “now accumulations in this area are forecast to be very light.  Do note that temperatures at the surface are predicted to be above freezing, so any snow that falls will melt fairly quickly.”

The Highland Lakes is expected to have the front move into the area Thursday afternoon as winds remain steady between 20-30 mph, and gust up to 45 mph.

According to the National Weather Service, a 40 percent chance for rain before 9 p.m. Thursday turns into a low chance for rain and snow later. Winds will remain gusty Thursday night.

Friday will be dry and not as gusty, with sustained winds between 15-25 mph, and gusts up to 30 mph. The highs are forecast for the low 50s with overnight lows hovering just above the freezing mark.

Saturday, by comparison, will be a nice day with calm winds and highs in the low 60s. The highs are forecast to be in the mid-60s on Sunday and Monday.