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A previous story reported old information from the city of Horseshoe Bay. An update on the city’s website on Oct. 19 follows:


The City has returned to 100% water production capacity. Citizens may begin to utilize water for full domestic use and cleanup operations.
Currently, there are some residents and locations who are encountering slightly discolored water issues. This discoloration is directly attributed to the recent floods. The color of the water is aesthetic in nature only and poises NO health issues to the public. The City Staff is diligently working to mitigate the color issue. A Boil Water Notice was NEVER issued for the City of Horseshoe Bay during the flood event. The water remains safe for consumption.
Please contact the City if you have any questions regarding water quality, 830-598-8741.

1 thought on “UPDATE: Horseshoe Bay returns to full water production capacity

  1. This is not updated. All of the City of Horseshoe Bay’s water production has been functioning since October 16th at 5 pm. No service was lost and water quality remained safe. Minor coloration has been experienced, however it is only aesthetic and crews are working to flush out the color.
    Jeff Koska
    Director of Utilities
    City of Horseshoe Bay

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