Marble Falls state sales tax allocation increase attributed to new HEB and housing


MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls’s state sales tax allocation in June increased again from the previous year. The August payment — based on June receipts — was up 3.94 percent from $807,103.39 in 2017 to $838,941.03 this June.

“That was the best August report we’d ever had,” said Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Christian Fletcher.

For the year-to-date, Marble Falls has received $5,852,761.14 from state sales tax, a 1.54 percent increase from January-August 2017.

The mid-level report shows the building materials industry leading the city and generating $164,627.05, up 7.68 percent from last year.

The two industries gaining the most from the previous year were food and beverage stores, up 23.5 percent, and furniture, up 15.39 percent.

The expansion of the new H-E-B could be a factor in the growth of the city’s food and beverage stores receipts. As for furniture, Fletcher attributed that to the growth of another industry.

“The main thing I would probably point to is the amount of new single-family and multi-family housing in the community that we did not have in 2017,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said 2017 saw explosive growth for the city with large projects such as the Pedernales Electric Cooperative’s Marble Falls building, the new H-E-B, and the Homestead apartments on Mormon Mill Road. He expects some of that in 2019 with more expected large construction projects. For the remainder of 2018, however, Fletcher said solid growth can still be expected.

“The rest of this year should continue the course we’ve been on,” he said. “Good growth, not explosive growth.”

A breakdown of Marble Falls’s industries provided by the Marble Falls EDC is above. Other cities’ sales tax allocations can be viewed at the state comptroller’s website.


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