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MARBLE FALLS —Prior to Deputy Chief Ted Young’s retirement, the Marble Falls Police Department administration scrambled to make sure all his duties would be covered when the longtime peace officer departed.

“There’s so much that he did that several of us are having to pick up a piece here and there so we could cover all the bases Ted was covering,” Capt. Glen Hanson said. “During the course of his tenure here, he took care of the patrol boat and he maintained the mobile command unit.

“He made sure they stayed in a condition of readiness at all times,” Hanson added. “He was our grant writer also. We have a lot of equipment that we have acquired with grant money, overseen by Ted.”

On June 29, Young, 67, retired from the Marble Falls Police Department after nearly 24 years of service with the agency.

Aside from Police Chief Mark Whitacre, Young was the longest-serving officer in the department.

The Marble Falls resident was well-known for staging the patrol boat at his home during inclement weather to have the vessel on the more heavily populated side of a flood-prone creek.

“If it was needed for rescues, we could get it into the water,” Hanson said.

Young’s role did not stop at administrative tasks, safety protocols, and agency funding sources.

He played a key role in the department’s move into a new facility at 606 Avenue N in 2017.

“For the new building project, his role involved the generator to keep the building 100 percent powered up in the event of power outages and the 150-foot monopole on site for communications,” Hanson said.

From a patrol officer to eventually rising to second in command, Young also demonstrated an ability to overcome physical tragedy, which unfolded in the line of duty.

On July 4, 2014, Young suffered a shattered shoulder and other injuries when his patrol vehicle was struck by another vessel on Lake Marble Falls after the city’s fireworks show.

“It was serious injuries. His recuperation period was long. He had multiple surgeries to regain use of his left arm,” Hanson said. “They successfully got him back to the point where he could. He never gave up.

“Just to see him persevere through that with a positive attitude was an inspiration to us all,” the captain added.

City officials, law enforcement, and first responders recently honored him with a recognition ceremony and reception thanking him for his service.

The agency expects to promote from within to find a replacement, a challenging task considering the police veteran’s long list of contributions.

“He was one of the finest gentlemen I’ve known, and I consider it a privilege to have worked for him over the past 15 years,” Hanson said.

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  1. Mr. Young is a great human being. One of my favorite customers

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