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MARBLE FALLS — Despite a state agency granting an air quality permit for a planned rock crushing operation, Marble Falls officials have vowed to oppose and potentially stall the pace of the industry within the city limits.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality granted the permit for Asphalt Inc., which is planning a rock crusher and mining operation south of the U.S. 281-Texas 71 intersection.

On Dec. 5, Marble Falls City Council approved a motion to file appeals and/or motions against the permit.

The city fast-tracked annexation of several hundred acres to envelop part of the land where the company plans to set up shop.

From municipalities and surrounding landowners to environmental groups and hospital officials, hundreds of opponents have conducted on-site protests, hosted rallies, and submitted public comments to the state to express their discontent with the operation.

Despite the opposition, state officials granted the permit, one of at least three steps the company must take to begin mining and crushing rock at the site.

“The city remains committed to continuing its opposition of Asphalt Inc.’s facility and proposed land use; therefore, we are researching and consulting experts regarding the options moving forward,” City Manager Mike Hodge wrote in a statement.

One hurdle the city faces is a boundary dispute with the city of Round Mountain, located to the south of the planned rock crusher.

For now, Marble Falls officials acknowledged they might not be able to ban mining on the annexed land; however, staff expects to use their powers to monitor, assess, and control industry they believe to be a threat to residential development.

“As the city has annexed a portion of the tract, the city has development jurisdiction for a majority of the Asphalt Inc. tract of land, and we will ensure Asphalt Inc. meets city and other applicable agency requirements/processes for any development of the land,” according to the city statement.

14 thoughts on “Marble Falls to request appeal against Asphalt Inc. air quality permit

  1. The city really shouldnt be able to zone or annex anything that wasnt theirs to begin with. They annexed our business in 5 yrs ago with promise after promise and has not done any of them. I was raised in this town and the city council only worries about the tbings that will benefit them. THATS IT. Dont let em fool you. Small businesses dont mean **** to packer fltcher or any other liberal on the board of untrustees.

    1. 5yrs after being annexed and not getting what they claimed they would do. Heck try bring annexed into the city and still waiting almost 10 years for things they claimed they would do once annexed.

  2. That area promises much residential development – we hope even affordable housing. There is almost none in Marble Falls. As medical care grows in that area, more employees will want to live there. Inthe next 5-10 years, real estate prices will soar. Hmmm, wonder if that’s what the rock-crusher deverloper/s have in mind. ???

    1. There are many other areas in and around marble falls that have promise for developments. Right along Manzano mile is a stretch which has utilities ready to be tapped into for housing. Then you have the land on 1431 where the falling waters development was supposed to go. And don’t forget about the flatrock development which made claims of building over a 1000 homes but has yet to even build roads. As far as the medical people wanting to live there. That is only an assumption and a hope they will want to be there.

  3. Our mayor (John Packer) came to Marble Falls as an employee of Cold Springs (Texas Granite). He now sells quarried rock used for counter tops, and flooring. This is a man that has made his living his entire adult life from quarried rock but feels like no one else should have the same privilege. Rock quarries have supported the people of Burnet County since Texas has been a State.

    1. Don’t forget the Mayor owns a business focused on selling granite to all these purposed homes…doubt the crusher will make him much money.

      And it’s important to note, the City, and the Mayor were aware and informed for several years prior to this “emergency” action. It wasn’t until the developers and contractors demanded action (ie their real constituents), they attempted to claim such hardship.

      But since they have endless money of ours to spend on pet projects like a hotel ruining our parks and legal action against an otherwise legal use of someones property, nothing will change.

  4. Let the NIMBY’S pay for their own lawyers. This is such a waste of TAX MONEY! Boo hoo. Who are the ones that got the city to pay for their fantasy that TCEQ cares about anything other than the law?

  5. This opposition by Marble Falls is so two-faced, hypocritical, and myopic. Marble Falls wants to promote residential development but they are opposed to the infrastructure required for development. Where would the materials you need for development come from? As long as it’s from someone else’s backyard it’s OK.

    1. The argument is that it should not come from ANYONES backyard. This plant is in extreme close proximity to land owners backyards. It is silly to assert that if you are for development, you must be for having an operation like this in your backyard. I’m assuming you drive a vehicle that requires gasoline; should you be in favor of a refinery along your back fence? The issues/concerns being brought up are much more broad that your “myopic” view.

      1. There will always be something next to something that people don’t want to live next to. Train track, freeway,bbq joint,strip mall,etc etc. You can sure as bet that if a rancher in that area didn’t want a residential development next to his ranch they would be told to bad.

        1. Your point is exactly why zoning exists within city limits; to ensure that property owners have some degree of control over where they choose to buy and what will surround them. Living outside city limits carries some risk since there is no zoning. This is where we should rely on state agencies and lawmakers (without the influence of powerful lobby groups) to actually look out for property owners and help strike a balance that benefits both corporations AND residents. This is a situation that only benefits Asphault Inc, and offers zero benefits and only downsides to adjacent property owners.

          1. The city is not supposed to control where people buy property. That is an individual choice. And if you think that asphalt inc going in will be downside to adjacent owners then maybe you can explain why on hwy71 there are developers building new communities right across the highway from a quarry, concrete plant and an asphalt plant. One of those developments near the quarry has high dollar homes.

  6. There were over 100 people who left comments who do not live anywhere close to where the crusher will be. The dust even if Emmitted would not get to south Dakota, Plano tx or Alvin tx.
    And spending tax payer money and resources to try and fight this even though they stated they could not stop it is doing the city a diservice. How much money will be spent going to lawyers doing work for the city?

  7. I’m holding hope! Thank you for your efforts Marble Falls!!!

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