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LLANO COUNTY — An agreement between the Llano County Commissioners Court and an international solar development company could result in considerable dividends for the Llano Independent School District, officials said.

“We entered into an agreement with a company,” said Llano County Precinct 1 Commissioner Peter Jones. “Over the short term, we should see some hundreds of thousands of dollars of lease agreement.”

If developed, “that would generate significant revenue into the millions,” Jones added.

Llano County is trustee of 17,100 acres of so-called “school land” in Tom Green County that is leased for revenue, which benefits LISD.

Llano County is one of seven counties in the state that has retained the pre-Civil War-era school lands, granted by the state in 1858.

Currently, the county collects approximately $200,000 per year through grazing and hunting leases on the property.

EC&R Solar Development LLC., a subsidiary of the German-based energy company E.On, has agreed to lease several thousand acres to research the potential for a solar farm.

“Their intent is to take a look at the potential with certain scientific data,” Jones said. “In the short term, it looks promising.”

1 thought on “Company pens deal with Llano County for solar power research

  1. Well, they better get the money up front. The “solar energy” boondoggle is going to come crashing down soon. It takes more energy to produce the “solar cells” than they will produce over their lifetime and one good hailstorm will be a disaster. And unless LCRA wants to end up like the Australians, with rolling blackouts becuz the “renewable” energy didn’t, gas and COAL FIRED generators will need to be in HOT STANDBY mode 24/7/365. How is that “saving” anything?

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