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BURNET — After narrowing the search from a list of 15 potential sites, Burnet officials have chosen the new location for the police station on a parcel of land adjacent to the fire hall on U.S 281 south, officials say.

Burnet City Council members started narrowing down a location in 2016 after reviewing a concept plan for a new police facility.

The agency has outgrown its current station, 105 S. Rhomberg, which was previously a fire hall then outfitted for the police department.

Potential sites included land on Texas 29 across from and just west of the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office as well as a parcel adjacent to the Burnet County Courthouse square.

“We had evaluated every parcel that we were considering in the community, and all of them had some concerns,” Burnet City Manager David Vaughn said. “The location next to the fire station, we already own.

“With construction prices coming in at an all-time high right now, the (police department) committee decided to recommend that location as a way to reduce cost and expedite the project,” Vaughn added.

City officials have already set aside $1.5 million toward a portion of the cost of the project.

“A number of years ago, construction costs were much lower,” Vaughn said. “Now, the estimate is about $4.2 million (to build the facility). We’re going to be looking to see if there are opportunities to reduce that cost as well.”

City officials said they would need to concentrate on two wastewater project upgrades prior to launching a timeline for architectural designs and a construction deadline for the police facility.

1 thought on “Burnet chooses site for new police station, offers cost estimate

  1. That’s about right take the kids park away from them public land that belongs to the public take it and use it for a police station I think that’s bull that was a donated Park to begin with and y’all think y’all on it no the public owns it and we don’t want you to put a police station there

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