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Hillside Marble Falls development alters amenities list for approval

Hillside Marble Falls site plan

The new site plan for Hillside Marble Falls, a proposed development on the corner of FM 2147 West and Rocky Road. Screen-captured image

The Marble Falls City Council voted 4-1 to approve changes to the site plan for Hillside Marble Falls, a proposed development with a chapel/events center, microbrewery, taproom, and cabins. The development is planned for the corner of FM 2147 West and Rocky Road near the Channel Oaks subdivision.

During its May 7 meeting, the council approved several changes, including moving the site’s proposed chapel, removing retail spaces, altering restaurant offerings, and relocating the proposed cabins.

“The goal of the Hillside development remains the same,” said developers Laura and Seth Martin in their applicant statement to the city. “Our intention has always been, and still is, to preserve the scenic views both looking down over (Lake Marble Falls), as well as looking up from the lake.”

Councilor Bryan Walker cast the only vote against the changes. Councilors Griff Morris and Karlee Cauble were absent from the May 7 meeting.

Walker, along with Morris, also opposed the original site plan presented in June 2022.

“I had some issues with the site two years ago, and I have issues with it today,” Walker told after the recent meeting.

Developers opted to move the chapel in the latest site plan to protect views of Lake Marble Falls.

“Under the original masterplan, the chapel and events center was to be located on the lower part of the property,” the  Martins said in their statement. “After reviewing the plan with civil engineers, it was concluded that we would have had to build a parking lot as big as a football field, thereby disrupting the views from above and below. To preserve the goal of the project being scenic and view-oriented, we need to amend the plan, moving the chapel and events center to the top of the property.”

The Martins, who own Perissos Vineyard and Winery in Burnet, also eliminated proposed retail space in the new, council-approved plan.

“Since we’ve removed the number of retail uses, it has reduced the number of parking spaces that are required,” Scarlet Moreno, the city’s assistant director of Development Services, told the council on May 7. 

The number of required parking spaces dropped from 300 to 233.

A food hall site originally in the June 2022 site plan was also altered. Proposed uses now include a microbrewery and taproom.

“We have amended the plan to include several restaurants existing in separate buildings instead of one large hall,” the Martins’ statement reads.

Developers also opted to move and condense cabins on the site after feedback from Channel Oaks residents.

“This move would actually move the casitas even further away from the neighboring homes,” the Martins said.

The new site plan will allow for smoother access for Marble Falls Fire Rescue, Chief Tommy Crane said at the meeting.

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