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K. Linvel Baker

Age: 59

Education: Marble Falls High School, 1974; Sunset International Bible Institute, 1977, ordained minister; Abilene Christian University, BS, 1990; Austin Graduate School of Theology, MATS, 2007

Family: Married; two daughters and a son; four granddaughters and one grandson (due Feb. 16)

Experience: 37 years in construction-related fields; MEP (Mechanical, Electrical Piping) superintendent, DPR Inc; detailer, The Porter Co.; residential construction, Smithwick Inc. (built my first house in 1979); estimator/project manager, Nelson Lewis Inc.; 3-D design, ISinc Cleanroom Design; agent/owner Monroe Insurance (Germania), Liberty Hill; and 39 years in pulpit/teaching ministry, 25 years at Smithwick Church of Christ

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

I would like to add another conservative vote to county business. I would like to help pass a balanced county budget — if at all possible, working toward reducing county taxes. I would like to give some serious attention to bringing Precinct 3 county roads up to a higher standard. I will be a commissioner that is accessible, responsive, accountable and working always in the best interest of our county.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

I think my education, work experience and conservative mindset have prepared me to be the most qualified candidate. I am able and willing to work full time in this position. I am not a politician — I am a concerned citizen that wants to give back to our community. I am not looking for a retirement check and would support a term limit.

Darrell “Butch” Turner

Age: 69

Education: High school

Family: Married

Experience: 35-year career as a business owner of a road construction company after 10 years of working with Bell Telephone 

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

My goal is to have the people and officials of the county work together to achieve the best for Burnet County. Our biggest challenge will be to keep up with the growth of the county while also addressing and fulfilling the needs of our current residents and businesses. As a lifelong resident, business owner and landowner myself, I am aware that careful management of our natural resources will be a significant priority to the thousands of people who live here now in addition to those seeking to relocate to our area.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

As a successful road construction business owner in Burnet County for 35 years, I have extensive experience in working together with many city, county and state entities in addition to countless subdivision developers. That amount of comprehensive experience will go a very long way during the time of my service as a commissioner.

Billy Wall

Billy Wall
Billy Wall

Age: 54

Education: B.S from Tarleton State University

Family: Father and son

Experience: Successful small businessman specializing in ranching/farming and construction. I have a great deal of experience working on farm and ranch roads and understand the need to improve and maintain our county roads as well as how to stretch a budget and save for hard times.

Party affiliation: Republican

What do you wish to accomplish?

I pledge to be a full-time county commissioner and not to do this part time. The way I look at it, if we are going to receive a salary paid by hardworking taxpayers, we should be on call to them to be there when they need us. And we should earn it. I will work for the people and not the other way around.

Why are you the most qualified candidate?

First off, I understand the people of Burnet County and Precinct 3, as I was born and raised here. I was raised on hard work and taught to operate under a fixed budget. And being in farming and ranching, you have to prepare for the rainy day, which government could certainly use a lot more of. I am deliberate in making decisions, as I weigh all the information without making snap judgments. I have been going out and talking to voters — my future constituents — for well over a year and know what they care about and their concerns. I am ready to serve the public and go above and beyond as a full-time commissioner to help solve their problems and make Burnet County an even greater place to live, work and raise a family.