Mike Hodge is new Marble Falls city manager


MARBLE FALLS — After more than six months without a full-time city manager, the city of Marble Falls named one during its May 20 meeting. And the selection brings a lot of experience in issues facing the lakeside community such as transportation and growth.

Mike Hodge, who has been the assistant city manager of Pearland since 2005, will officially start June 23, but he’ll be checking in as the city starts the budget process during a June 10 workshop. Hodge said one of the things he liked about Marble Falls when he began researching the city was its potential.

“I think it’s unlimited when you look at all the potential,” he said. Hodge pointed out the efforts of the older section of downtown with the lake. He noted the city’s efforts to address transportation, something he’s very familiar with during his time at Pearland.

“We’ve done a lot here in Pearland (in regard to transportation), and I thought my experience would translate well in Marble Falls,” he said.

Mayor George Russell said one of the things that made Hodge the top candidate for the position was his experience in Pearland with many of the issues currently facing Marble Falls.

But, the new city manager isn’t limited to doing things the standard way.

“He’s known for thinking outside the box,” Russells said. Which, the mayor added, is important when dealing with development and growth issues.

Hodge brings with him 23 years in municipal government. He and his wife, Dani, have been married for 26 years, and they have three sons: Kevin, who is graduating from high school this year; Logan, who is attending Texas A&M University; and Greg, who is attending Angelo State University.

Hodge and his wife are both from Junction.

“We’re looking forward to getting back to this area,” he said during the city council meeting.

While his first official day isn’t until June 23, Hodge said he plans to attend the city council budget workshop June 10. This will allow him to accomplish several things, including getting a look at how the city staff and council interact.

Plus, he said it gives him a good idea of the city council’s vision for the city and how they address it through the budgetary process.

“This is a very exciting opportunity,” Hodge said.

Staff writer Connie Swinney contributed to this story.