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Walls go up on Black History Museum in Marble Falls

A volunteer crew from Cecil Jackson Construction began framing the walls of the Black History Museum in Marble Falls on June 12, 2024. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

The walls are rising on the Black History Museum at St. Frederick Baptist Church in Marble Falls. A crew of 13 carpenters from Cecil Jackson Construction began the framing on Wednesday, June 12, and are expected to finish by Saturday. 

Jackson decided to provide the labor free of charge after hearing about the project on KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune. Operations Manager Ben Shields interviewed museum organizer and community activist Bessie Jackson on air on May 1, and Cecil Jackson (no relation) was listening. 

“I kept driving by that slab and seeing it just sitting there, and then I heard Bessie on KBEY radio talking about how they needed volunteers, and that was it,” Jackson said. “The Lord called me to help. It would have eaten me up if I hadn’t done it.” 

Construction will happen in steps as the church raises the money. A recent Mother’s Day fundraiser topped off a fund set aside for the lumber and house wrap. Cecil Jackson provided the labor to move the project onto its next steps, which will happen when the Lord provides, said the Rev. George Perry of St. Frederick’s.

“When the Lord says it’s time to finish, it’s time to finish,” Perry answered when asked about a completion date. 

On June 13, Cecil Jackson Construction volunteers were putting up the house wrap on the Black History Museum, a project of St. Frederick Baptist Church, 301 Avenue N in Marble Falls. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

Contractors are ready to finish out the interior wiring and plumbing, which they started when the slab was poured. Perry plans to put in the insulation himself and said he might have a group of men lined up to install sheetrock. The sheetrock has already been purchased, but more money will be needed for the insulation. 

Two major fundraisers are already planned for the Fourth of July holiday. Perry and St. Frederick’s congregation will cook and sell barbecue ribs on July 4 at the church, 301 Avenue N in Marble Falls. The price will depend on the market cost of ribs at the time, Perry said. 

Also, a week or so before the Independence Day celebration, the church will sell fireworks at a stand on FM 2147 in Cottonwood Shores. Every penny in profits will go toward finishing the museum, which still needs a roof, windows, and doors. 

To make donations to the Black History Museum, visit its webpage.