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Llano County Historical Mining Exhibit launch party April 29

Llano County Historical Mining Exhibit

The newly built Llano County Historical Mining Exhibit is behind the Llano Visitor Center in the town’s old railyard. The exhibit features authentic 19th-century mining equipment and information on Llano County’s rich mining history. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

The Llano Railroad Museum is throwing a launch party for its new Llano County Historical Mining Exhibit from 4-8 p.m. Saturday, April 29, at The old Llano railyard, 100 Train Station Drive. Swing by for music, food, drinks, and a taste of the county’s mining history.

The exhibit is the result of eight months of volunteer labor from the Llano River Railroad group and the Llano Railroad Museum. It will function as a 24-hour informational exhibit that showcases the mining history of Llano County and its ties to the railroad. Actual mining and railroad equipment will be on display along with information panels.

“They used to think the mines would bring 100,000 people to Llano,” Llano River Railroad member Frank Rowell told 

Buzz around the potential for gold, silver, and iron in Llano County brought the railroad in the late 1800s. A population boom was expected to follow, according to Rowell.

The boom never took place, but the railroad did bring prosperity to the region and allowed for easy transportation from Llano to Austin. Rowell said that without the failed mining boom and the railroad, Llano might not even be here today.