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H-E-B cracks down on mischievous middle schoolers

H-E-B in Marble Falls, Texas

The Marble Falls H-E-B, 1503 RR 1431, is taking action against unattended Marble Falls Middle School students who are wreaking havoc in its store and on its shoppers. File photo

The Marble Falls H-E-B, 1503 RR 1431, intends to take action against unattended students from Marble Falls Middle School who cause disturbances in the store or on its property. That action includes escorting students from the premises.

Store officials say some students from the school, which is located directly across the street, have wreaked havoc on shoppers through mischievous acts such as running through the parking lot, taking and adding items from and to customers’ carts, and playing with merchandise.

Marble Falls Middle School Principal Ashley Bernard issued a warning about the store’s policy change to parents and students via an email on March 9.

She said the tipping point for H-E-B management came on March 8 when students were reportedly “running through the store, throwing confetti eggs at each other and customers, and running in and out of cars in the parking lot.”

“We can all agree that this behavior is unacceptable and extremely unsafe,” she said in the email. “At the very least, it is a poor reflection of your student and family, but we fear a student is going to be severely injured.”

The policy change comes after months of attempts to correct the ongoing problem, according to the school’s media release.

“I’ve sent emails, posted announcements in the parent newsletter, made announcements during the day, and even had (school resource officer) Sgt. (Aaron) Garcia speak to students about this behavior,” Bernard said. “The incident (March 8) was so significant for HEB and its customers that law enforcement will now be called when students are exhibiting this poor behavior.”

Students were briefed about the policy change during their lunch periods on March 9.

Marble Falls Police Chief Glenn Hanson spoke with about the department’s role in enforcing the H-E-B policy. 

“(H-E-B) just doesn’t want (students) to cause mischief,” he said. “Some of the things (students) are doing seem rather innocent, but it interferes with the business H-E-B is doing.

“If unaccompanied middle schoolers are over there causing a nuisance of some sort, the staff is going to escort them out and let them know they’re not to come back in unless their parents are with them,” Hanson continued.

Students who follow H-E-B’s customer expectations will be able to shop at the grocery store unattended, Hanson said.

“They just want to impress on them that (H-E-B) is a business,” he said. “If you come in to buy snacks after school, that’s fine. You can get your stuff and go.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said H-E-B will pursue criminal trespass warnings for students involved in mischief at the store. While discussed initially during the drafting of the policy change, and included in an email from the school to parents and students, H-E-B management will not pursue criminal trespass warnings for any minors. apologizes for the error.

3 thoughts on “H-E-B cracks down on mischievous middle schoolers

  1. As frequent shopper in HEB in Marble Falls, if any person regardless of their age assaults me with anything or in any way, I will have my phone out taking their picture and I will call the police and fill charges. This is unacceptable to allow this type of behavior to happen with no consequences for the people committing such behavior. When you allow this, the behavior will escalate.
    Anna Marie Denniston

  2. I am glad some action is being taken. I try to avoid HEB during the after school hours. I have been in there during the chaos. When they were asked to behave or leave, the children responded with obscenities and vulgar gestures. I was shocked. I could not believe the lack of respect. I hope this works.

  3. I think repeat offenders SHOULD receive criminal trespass warnings. When announcements are made that the fullest extent of the law will not be used, what lessons are we teaching our youth? Aren’t we teaching them that we will tolerate bad behavior?
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