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Suspects in Tow killings held without bail in Llano County

Kyler Nathaniel Allen (left) and Jordan Ostrander

Kyler Nathaniel Allen (left) and Jordan Ostrander, both 19, were arrested by Texas Rangers in Guadalupe County and each charged with capital murder on Jan. 16. The two men are suspected of killing Preston Wessling, 38, and his son, Evan Wessling, 14, on Jan. 14 in Tow. Both suspects are now being held in the Llano County Jail without bail. Photos from Guadalupe County Jail

The suspects in the Jan. 14 killings of a father and son in Tow are now being held in the Llano County Jail without bail. Sheriff Bill Blackburn updated the Llano County Commissioners Court on the case during its regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 23.

Blackburn told commissioners that the suspects, Jordan Ostrander and Kyler Nathaniel Allen, both 19, were transported to the Llano County Jail on Jan. 17, shortly after being arrested by Texas Rangers and held in Guadalupe County. The suspects will be kept in Llano County while they await their trial, which could be a long way off. 

Ostrander and Allen are accused of shooting to death Preston Wessling, 38, and his son, Evan Wessling, 14, in the early morning hours of Jan. 14 at a Tow home. The two teens were caught by Texas Rangers, Guadalupe County sheriff’s deputies, and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and charged with capital murder on Jan. 16.

Sheriff Blackburn praised his Llano County officers for a job well done in the investigation.

“When we got on scene, we had no idea who had done this, and then we were able to determine who had that same day,” he said. “Our investigators did a hell of a job.”

The investigation is ongoing, and no details or motive for the killings have been released.

Evidence is being collected by the 33rd and 424th District Attorney’s Office from all of the agencies involved in the investigation. Charges against Ostrander and Allen could change depending on what is discovered, according to District Attorney Sonny McAfee.

“We’ll compile all the reports from all of the agencies that participated in the case from start to finish,” he told “When we look at the evidence, we’ll see if other offenses occurred.”

There is no timeline for the resolution of the case, but McAfee stated that his office would be working as expeditiously as possible to see it through. moderates all comments. Comments with profanity, violent or discriminatory language, defamatory statements, or threats will not be allowed. The opinions and views expressed here are those of the person commenting and do not necessarily reflect the official position of or Victory Media Marketing.

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