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‘Mustang Power Packs’ daily free snack option for Marble Falls students

Mustang Power Packs

Mustang Power Packs containing various healthy food options such as yogurt, freshly sliced apples, carrots, and graham crackers will be available free to students beginning Monday, Nov. 7. Courtesy photo

Mustang Power Packs, a free grab-and-go meal option, will be available at each campus in the Marble Falls Independent School District starting Monday, Nov. 7.

The new program is part of the Child Nutrition Department’s ongoing campaign to promote positive eating habits, said Director of Child Nutrition Maria Manzo. 

Chock-full of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and foods rich in fiber, Mustang Power Packs offer students healthy foods to snack on throughout the school day. 

“Students learn better when they are well-nourished,” Manzo said. “Healthy breakfasts and lunches are linked to better memory and higher grades.”

Because the district opted into the federal program Community Eligibility Provision earlier this year, the grab-and-go meals will be free to all students. 

Cafeteria staff will prepare the meals fresh every morning and plan to offer different variations for students each day, catering to even the pickiest palates. 

Manzo hopes to expand the program to include more choices as the meals become popular.

“Creative menu planning ensures students enjoy a variety of meals offered each day at school,” she said. “This concept has endless choices, making Mustang Power Packs a simple and quick way to enjoy a meal.”

Meals will be served in a clear, four-compartment container, making it easy for young students to understand the different food groups inside.

“Each box will include the daily requirements of grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins that make for a complete meal,” Manzo said.

The department’s recipes for the new program were set by following guidelines from the USDA and nutrition standards from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Plans include serving Mustang Power Packs throughout the rest of the current school year along with offering the meals during the district’s summer feeding programs.