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Teachers can post wish list links for donations

Look for this image on the Highland Lakes Crisis Network’s Facebook page to find where teachers are posting the links to their back-to-school wish lists. Courtesy image

Teachers in Burnet and Llano counties should post their back-to-school Amazon wish list links on the Highland Lakes Crisis Network Facebook page. Look for the image above and post in the comments under that image on the Facebook page. Include next to your link in the comment section what grade and subject you teach and the school.

“We did this last year, and it was incredible,” the Crisis Network posted on its Facebook page promotion. “We were able to clear a ton of teacher’s wish lists completely. Let’s do it again!”

HLCN also asks teachers to be sure they include an address on their Amazon wish list page so people know where to ship the orders.

When a list is completely fulfilled, teachers should post that in a reply underneath the original comment with the Amazon link.

“Please consider buying one item off one list or going in with a group (your workplace, bible study group, etc.) and completely cleaning a teacher’s list,” the post continued. “Let’s show these teachers how much they are appreciated and loved by our community.”

As of Monday afternoon, Aug. 1, around 50 teachers had posted their lists.

The wish lists are for any Highland Lakes teacher, whether at public or private schools.

Those wanting to donate to wish lists can view the Amazon custom gift list page and type in a teacher’s name. If that teacher has a wish list, it will pop up and you can click on it to choose which items to purchase.