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After pitching in College World Series, former Lady Mustang aims to return

Texas Longhorns pitcher Logan Hulon

Logan Hulon, a former pitcher for the Marble Falls Lady Mustangs, starred in the Women's College World Series for the Texas Longhorns in Oklahoma City earlier in June. Courtesy photo

It was a dream come true for sophomore Texas Longhorns pitcher Logan Hulon to play in the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City in June, even though UT ultimately lost to the Oklahoma Sooners 16-1 and 10-5 in the championship series. 

The former Marble Falls High School pitcher is confident her team will add to Texas softball’s championship history next year.

“Obviously, that series didn’t go the way we wanted it to,” Hulon told “This team is still fairly young. We’re graduating very few, and they were so impactful that it will be hard to replace them. That being said, we’re such a resilient team. We bend but we don’t break, so I’m confident that we’ll make it back and win it next time.”

Hulon lived in Marble Falls for eight years before transferring to Dripping Springs, where she graduated. She still has fond memories of her time in Marble Falls.

“I loved how tight-knit the community was,” Hulon said. “Everyone knew everyone. Every coach I encountered there treated me like family, and I’ll never forget that. It was a great environment to grow up in.”

As a sophomore at Marble Falls, Hulon set a single season record with 300 strikeouts. She continued to break records after transferring to Dripping Springs High School her junior year, including for most no-hitters thrown in a season and a career. 

Hulon hopes to add another accolade to her illustrious career.

“It would be great to get another strikeout record,” she said. “To be honest, that’s not where my mind is at. My heart is set on one day becoming an All-American.”

Hulon is much more than just an athlete. She likes to binge watch Netflix shows and go to coffee shops in downtown Austin. To her, it’s important to expand her personality rather than basing it entirely around softball.

“I felt for a long time that my identity was softball,” she said. “I had no differentiation between myself and softball. I know a lot of athletes that feel the same way. I want people to know that the sport that you play isn’t the only thing about you.”

Hulon is determined to build on her softball career. She hopes to one day be drafted into Women’s Professional Fastpitch (WPF) and continue her journey in the sport. This offseason, she is working with legendary Texas softball pitcher and Olympic gold medalist Cat Osterman to further improve her game.

“I absolutely adore Cat Osterman,” Hulon said. “She’s literally the only Texas softball player to ever get her number retired. She’s amazing. I’ll be training with her this summer to get where I need to be, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Hulon and Osterman plan to focus on Hulon’s control and location of the ball to strike out even more batters next year.

“I struggled with my command on hitting corners this season,” Hulon said. “I also struggled with it in the fall as well. It’s the one thing I know I have to get down for me to be able to achieve all of the different goals I have for myself.”

1 thought on “After pitching in College World Series, former Lady Mustang aims to return

  1. Always proud of Logan, been watching her since she was a high school freshman.

    Keep up the good work.

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